For Mister Shih Edit

The Greater Venomous Ghouls have been removed from South Archosaur, probably sometime in October or November 2015

For those who need only this quest, a pair of Greater Venomous Ghouls can be found just outside the South Gate of Archosaur, 25 yards west of the bridge. The usual spawn near Little Boy Lai at the Black Ore Mine is as convenient or more, for those on the many quests to kill wolves, Adwolf, and other enemies at that location.

The Diamonds Edit

Prerequisite: For Mister Shih Enticing Jumby : There is a quest for the nearby Skeleranc Craftsman, or you can kill them later, there are a lot near the

Mister Shih will not renew the quest for you, and his new one does not show up on the quest list. In amongst a lot of other quests, do not forget to renew the quest chain, or you might level up too high to get the Duke armor reward

Perpetual PowerEdit

Morning Spirit Stone Edit

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