Doom's Stare

Event Code item: Doom's Stare, 10 speed mount, not transferable in Account Stash, 'Old Anniversary Prizes'

Significant events in the PWI schedule:

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New Events Edit

Those War Avatar items that keep showing up in your mailbox?. There's a good chance they expired the 20th of February, long before you got them-and they keep coming.

PWI Server Time Edit

All times shown below are without Daylight Savings time. Hong Kong does not implement Daylight Savings Time, so when DST is implemented then, for example, a West Coast midnight would be 3 PM Hong Kong time instead of 4.

West Coast server midnight = GMT 8 AM, Hong Kong 4 PM, East Coast 3 AM
European server midnight = GMT 11 PM, Hong Kong 7 AM, West Coast 3 PM
East Coast server midnight = GMT 5 AM, Hong Kong 1 PM, West Coast 9 PM

All servers:

Gilded Metal Elementalist

Gilded Metal Elementalist

In Real Time Edit shows Player Shop prices for each server, updated often. Link is translated by Google: server is in Russian but game icons are of course, a universal language:)

Codes Edit

Main article: Code
Perennial codes (usable to send to one character once per week per account):
Jones Blessing Code: BLJLEqR6
O'Malley's Blessing Code: HpbELE6C
New Codes : Code

Daily Edit

Multiple days, but not every day

  • Nation Wars Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday; 8PM server time

Weekly Edit


Monday Edit

  • Celestial Tiger Event aka Tiger Directive. Level 30 and over, NPC at the crossroads near the West Gate of Archosaur, 9PM server time each Monday. There are also the Keeper of the Tigers NPCs near the Elder of each major city

Tuesday Edit

  • Theater of Blood; Tuesday 7PM server time
  • Jungle/Forest Ruins; Tuesday 8:30-9:00 PM
  • Snake Island Dungeon Race, Tuesday. 9:00 PM?
  • Server maintenance, server down Tuesday 11:00 PM server time, 7:00 AM Greenwich Mean Time, for two hours

Wednesday Edit

  • City of Abominations (CoA). Signup is level 50+, Wednesday 8:50-9:00 PM server time, 4:50 AM Greenwich Mean Time [1]. Rewards: Seal of Eternal Solitude, Warsoul Tags, Badges for Spirit, or Mysterious Chips
  • (or Thursday, randomly) Resource Wars, optimal source of Rapture Crystals for G13 gear
Gigantic Wood Elementalist

Gigantic Wood Elementalist

Thursday Edit

  • Tournament Event (Minimum level: 50; Entry Time: Thursday, 8:00 PM, server time)
  • (or Wednesday, randomly) Resource Wars, optimal source of Rapture Crystals for G13 gear
  • Dragon's Conquest sign-up 3 AM to 3 PM; Rong Utsin at 585 665. Note that Zur Seezan's location is not given here or in the link, and is required to enter, see Saturday's entry

Friday Edit

  • Territory Wars
  • Nation Wars (Minimum level: 60; Entry Time: Friday, 8:20 PM to 10:20 PM, server time)
  • Theater of Blood, Friday 6PM [2]
  • Power Ranking announcement, 10PM. Around 10 million damage in a single attack to be expected

Saturday Edit

  • Territory Wars
  • Mayhem in Moria
  • Dragon's Conquest 10:30 AM PST Ye Tze spawns near 585 665 to allow players to enter Wargod Gulch. At 11:00 AM PST players can talk to Zur Seezan (location? not on database) to enter Dragons' Conquest

Sunday Edit

Year of the Fire Rooster Edit


Fire Rooster Raffle : Tokens sent in mail, higher level characters. Tokens stack. B through S War Avatar packs sent along with the tokens

Occasional Edit

  • Temple of the Dragon/Dragon Temple. Now activated at the discretion of PWI. Used to be Tuesday 20:00-0:00 PST, level 60+ players. As before, accessed with the Khatru Pup and co.

Patch Notes Edit

Other Edit

  • Winter holiday season: Snowman Tamer: kill 40 snowmen, receive Christmas Stocking (.03% chance of random body part of the set of random gender red Fashion with white trim, otherwise Gems Chi and Celestones so minor that Player Shops may not even sell them.
  • Saint Patrick's Day 2017:
Twilight Survivor 547 628 : Treasure map quest for 50 Reputation and items
St. Patrick's Day Envoy 556 628 : XP and limited duration green Fashion
Holiday season 2016/2017: Christmas Tamer in cities; kill 40 snowman for Christmas Stocking
  • Area 52 Agent - showed up near July 4th, reward is a "Bald Eagle Statue" for Housing
  • Phoenix Dancer (549, 669) 14th through 27th April, 2015
  • Assault on Archosaur was an elaborately staged event where ??? level Wraiths would "assault" Archosaur on Fridays (spawn and ride past the walls; at the end of many "waves" of Wraiths, a Legion General boss would spawn, and drop special items, eg Legion Shinguards
  • War Front : War Front Secret Gift in mailbox. The flyers, like the Lucid ones, lack the choice of a Nightshade flyer, and the Earthguard get the same design as their basic flyer, but at least they are all usable from level 10 onwards
  • Skyplume Pearl, Starlight Crystal, Celestial Sphere, or Tune of Fortune, x 500 = Diamond of Dragon or Tiger Gem.