Etherblade City
Location Information
Type City
Level 1-19

Etherblade City is the home city of the Humans, and is located North of Archosaur. It is surrounded by the vast Etherblade Lake on the east, icelands on the north, a long river on the west, and grassy plains on the south.

Etherblade is perhaps the closest main city to Archosaur, which turns out very convenient. However, the route to Archosaur can be very dangerous for a low level character, so is not the easiest to traverse.

Trainers and NPCs such as the Perfect Questmaster and Lucidsilver Agent are a moderate distance from the Elder of Etherblade, and the Merchant, Banker, and tradeskill NPCs are still a moderate distance, but closer than in City of the Plume.


Etherblade cliff

The cliffs of Etherblade


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