Best known for the island area within it: the City of Misfortune, the Sea was the furthest northeast area in Perfect World until the Eclipse expansion created access to the Nightshade lands.

Level 40-49 quests and creatures are found here.

The Endless Sea is unusual. Normally using Town Portal or Teleport Incense from anywhere in an area transports the character to a single place. In the north of the Endless Sea, the destination is the City of Misfortune, while in the south, characters end up in Angler's Village. The dividing line is unknown, but it is at least at or north of Dawn's Cry Isle.

City of Misfortune Edit

All of the quests for Royal armor originate here. The best place to kill both kind of sharks, however, is the Yin-Yang island nearer to the mainland

Tai Chi Shore Edit

Teleporting from anywhere in the Tai Chi Shore transports the character to the Walled Stronghold

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