Elder's Blessing
Quest Information
Type Normal
Level 1
Rewards Corona Cuirass
Corona Greaves
Corona Bracers
Corona Belt
Corona Warboots
Basic Army Blade Charm
Elder's Blessing was one of the first quests when a player starts the game. The first time the player must wait 10 minutes, and subsequent times add ten more minutes on top of what was already set up to 50 minutes.

Corona Heavy Armor and Politician Dual Axes, in the floating Sigil Palace in Celestial Vale at night

Corona Armor is the name given to the armor that is supplied to the player in Celestial Vale, and was part of the starting Earthguard quests before that. It is unclear whether this is the same exact armor, though it seems likely

Walkthrough Edit

Wait the required amount of minutes, then click the chest in the upper left corner of the screen. After you get click the 50 minute chest, the quest will be completed.

Description Edit

Welcome! Disaster is approaching, and the world is inching towards collapse. To stem the tides of destruction, the elders of various races have prepared their blessings in the form of elite equipment, reserved for their bravest warriors. Wait ## minutes to recieve the elder's blessing. Strive your hardest to defend and rebuild our world!

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