Because XP is gained at higher rate than Spirit, and spirit is required for skills, there is a tendency for skills to fall behind the player level. Optionally, for Efficient leveling, player Genies use player XP to level, freeing up more spirit for skills.

Note that at early levels, the aids such as Perfect Questmaster, Lucidsilver Agent, Lucidsilver Envoy, and the level limits of the quests work at cross purposes. Most quests have an upper level limit; the quest giver NPCs will no longer be flagged and the quest cannot be acquired, after a certain level. The player can choose to simply leave quests behind, to get better XP from quests and Realm of Reflection etc at higher levels, or save the Fantasy Fruit Bag, Scarlet Fruit bag, and other XP items for use after all quests are complete.

Spending a great deal of XP on genies, to max their skills, is best done just before level 40; the number of quests is very large and a lot of the quests cannot be completed after level 40. Or, late in a player's career, they will have huge amounts of XP to spend or can spend cash money to buy genies from other players.

After level 30, players will get a Daily Quest, Roll Call, automatically. The only way to not get more of them is to mot turn them in. Two stones are acquired by the quest; each allows one hour of slow leveling in the Realm of Reflection. Players can leave their computers on overnight to use up these stones, or take time from their day.

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