Dreamweaver Port Harbor

Harbor of Dreamweaver Port facing south

Once the furthest extreme of the known Perfect World, at the edge of the ocean and the Barrier beyond, the town still holds an air of the expectation of the adventures of sea voyaging. But underneath the calmly stirring bustle of a port town, there is the menace of the jungle surrounding and attacks by pirates threatening the town's survival

Dreamweaver Lighthouse

Harbor and Lighthouse, again facing south from the Elder's ridge

"Dreamweaver Port is located on the southeast coast of Perfect World. The port is surrounded by tall trees and the deep blue sea. The port plays host to some of the greatest fishermen on the continent. Dreamweaver Port got it's (sic) name through the mysterious pull it has on many sailors and young men looking for adventure. Countless people have sailed off into the sea, saying goodbye to their lovers, and eventually landing here at this port. After three thousand years of gathering travellers, this place has developed into one of the most powerful cities in Perfect World. - Dreamweaver Port Elder, Goshiki Quest Chain

Teleport cost variances to and from Archosaur and here are the reverse of the major cities: 8,000 coin TO Dreamweaver and much less, 3,000, FROM Dreamweaver to Archosaur

There are NPCs here that do not exist in other towns: Commander-in-chief and Collectors (Reputation), the Khatru Pup to the Cube of Fate, Pet Skill Trainer, Boutique Agent, Faction Base Manager, Wang Tsai and Watcher of the Earth, among others.

Teleport Chain : Dreamweaver Port > Village of the Lost > Sanctuary > Village of Naught

Quests Edit

Dreamweaver Hornska

Outskirts of Dreamweaver Port facing south, with Hornska rare spawn [1] amongst the usual Seaspray Bladewolf creatures

The surrounding area is the target of many Level 70-79 Quests, and the final, 71-80, part of Jolly Old Jones' quests (KILL 15 Evolved Serpent Soulchasers), and the equivalent level of Faction Base quests

Advanced Crafting Edit

High level crafting can be done here, as in Sirry Wine Camp, Village of the Dreaming Cloud and Immolation Camp. The merchant here and the ones in the other towns as well erroneously offer level 5 and 6 Jade, rather than the level 7 and 8 they should offer, and correctly, Jade from level 9 to 14. The Jade is also listed in the wrong order, with the blue 11 and 12 jade first.

Resources Edit

Main article: Resources

The area is predominantly (eight to 12 spawns) mid-grade resource spawns (Refined Steel, Fine Lumber, Anthracite, Rubstone Powder) by a small margin, but there are six spawns of each high-grade material (Steel Alloy, High-Grade Lumber, Charcoal, Corundum) scattered about, within a radius that extends to the edge of the Swamp of the Wraiths. Resource gathering generally is hampered by the tree cover, which combine with the rolling hills to make a difficulty that exceeds each separately. The difficulty in finding Steel Alloy combines well with the ease of finding it in the Fragrant Hills east-southeast of Archosaur

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