Mothran Dazzlewing1

Mothran Dazzlewing at the Lake of Woe west of Dreamweaver Port

Dreamweaver Port, Outskirts Edit

Main article: Dreamweaver Port

Bladewolves are quite rare and the Seaspray Bladewolf distinguishes this area. Serpent enemies are found in few places other than here and the edge of the Swamp of the Wraiths and are abundant here and to the north. The more common Tiger and Lion enemies fill the area and to the north.

Dreamweaver Hornska

Rare Hornska spawn and Seaspray Bladewolf enemies, Dreamweaver Port Outskirts

Lake of Woe Edit

Many dangerous flying enemies at the lake and west of it, from near ground level to elevation 35.

Village of the Dreaming Cloud Edit

With the Swamp of the Wraiths on its northern border, deadly Taurox and wolves all around, and Vampire bats the same as the Swamp's hovering overhead, the village's sylvan beauty is tempered with danger.

The quests here are of a familial sort, with a small girl's wishlist featuring prominently in some quick back-and-forth carrying of messages. A mysterious postbox and the experimentation of an apothecary are also included in this whimsical group of quests.

High level crafting can be done here, as in Whetstone Keep, Sirry Wine Camp, Dreamweaver Port and Immolation Camp. The merchant here and the ones in the other towns as well erroneously offer level 5 and 6 Jade, rather than the level 7 and 8 they should offer, and correctly, Jade from level 9 to 14. The Jade is also listed in the wrong order, with the blue 11 and 12 jade first.

For a brief time, around the release of Genesis, the quest with the two blue men in town was a way to gain Mystical Pills and Holy Pills

Ridge of the Dreaming Cloud Edit

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