Quest, Weapons and Runecrafting

Runecrafting can be performed by Apothecary characters, and the weapons cannot be traded to other players, so the Divine Emissary quests seem to be of limited use. Players who want to level their characters quickly and/or want the best weapons available without spending much money will still have to pick and choose carefully, but will benefit more. The quest themselves do not offer a great deal of xp, and no Reputation.

The trick with the Emissaries' weapon sales that may catch players unaware is that the Honors must be dragged to the icon that shows the cost to produce. The weapons produced cannot be traded to other players, although they can be traded between characters on the same account via the Account Stash

Divine Orders are all temporary; those from the Bounty Hunter last an hour, those from the Faction Base's Materials Storage Vault last a day, a week, or a month.

Divine Emissaries are found in north and south Archosaur, both quite near the north-south road through the city. They are found in Dreamweaver Port and other mid-high level towns. They were moved from their previous locations in the other major cities

Divine Contract Edit

Basically a random chance of getting Legend quests for the best rewards; Legend quests get three of the Divine Honors and the blue get one Honor. Three to five Honor tokens can garner a nice weapon. White quests are more, and the number of quests available increases to five per day, at level 80+

Divine Contract quests reset by themselves at server midnight, or with Divine Seal items, which are the reward for the white quests.

Void - Level 91+ Edit

Legend Edit

  • Damned Gaurnob (91 - 100)
  • Cenequus Polearm (91 - 100)
  • Stygean Quartermaster (91 - 100)
  • Ancient Star Gate (91 - 100)
  • Ancient Null Gate (91 - 100)
  • Dragon Prince Loong (91 - 100)


  • Peachyard Treerats (95 - 100) Amount: 2
  • Earthen Souls (95 - 100) Amount: 2


  • Thousand Year Spirit (101+) Amount: 2
  • Demonic Vexation (101+) Amount: 2
  • Phlebo (101+) Amount: 2
  • Ninetails (101+) Amount: 2
  • Fats (101+) Amount: 2
  • Siren Assassin (101+) Amount: 2
  • Divine - Azoth Drake (101 - 105) Amount: 2
  • Nightmare Ravagers (101 - 105) Amount: 2

Normal Edit

Demonic Acephalids (95 - 100) Helltoads (95 - 100) Jackelman Slaves (95 - 100) Voidweavers (101+) Cloudclawwers (101+) Wereraven Elites (101+) Sand Bandit Leaders (101+) Phoenix Violators (101+) Celestial Eidoplates (101+) Aging Harpies (101+) Collectors of Souls (101+) Radiant Wing Demons (101+) Ventilation Master (101 - 105) Divine - Hidden Dragon (101 - 105) Divine -Imperial Guard (101 - 105)

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