Dawnglory Undercity
Location Information
Type City
Level 19+
Territory Northeastern Isles
Inhabitants Nightshade

Dawnglory is the home city of the Nightshade race of Duskblades and Stormbringers. It is a city of wonders of steam and magic, a barrier island in the northeast of Perfect World; its western borders were once impassable to characters.

The Nightshades have arrived on Perfect World in an armada of airships, which is simultaneously their home base and city : Dawnglory. Only the northern portions of it rest on solid ground.

Many important NPCs are all on one circular platform in the northeast: Auctioneer, Bank, Mailbox, PW Promotions Agent, Assistant Wang Tsai, and the Awards Agent. Most of the quest NPCs are on the Dawnglory airship itself. The Harbinger of (Season), Khoan the Survivor (entrance only, Phoenix Valley does not exit in Dawnglory), Head Hunter, Mysterious Old Man, and the Morai guide are near the walls to the north.

It is a floating city, most of it only accessible by air or by going out the single northern gate. This would not have been possible before the release of Eclipse, which gave all new characters a Flying Mount.

Dawnglory pup

Dawnglory, the floating city, with its gates built on solid ground to the north

Dawnglory War Avatar

War Avatar image

The presence of Dawnglory may be considered a pledge to players that new characters will always have access to fliers, unless the developers go to the trouble of adding teleporters from each part of Dawnglory to the others

As of 2016, it is not possible to fly directly from Dawnglory to Archosaur, as the unfinished, impassable area to the south of Dawnglory intrudes into the flight path.

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