This is about the quest from Kid Kuang in Gate of Antiquity. For the quest of the same name, named after the Tideborn initiation rite, see Goshiki Quest Chain
Level 55+ (any level after 54)

Kid Kuang experiences the cycle of youth to old age with the aid of a magical potion, and of course, the player is there to help gather the ingredients. Once he takes the potion, he is off on his travels, and the player must follow to ensure his safety.

There is an item, Portrait of Kid Kuang, added to normal inventory at the very start of the chain, and it cannot be removed in any way, even by selling, other than by completing the chain.

A fairly short series of mostly traveling and gathering quests, with one set of five kills each of Hexecolot worth about 90,000 XP altogether. There are two big xp gains (after Void Water and Young Traveller) of 42k each, bookended by travelling and gathering quests worth 2,100 xp each. Although the player might have found it an advantage to trash the quest after the second of the big gains and skip all the travelling at the end, the portrait item pretty much squelches that idea.

There are 'traces' of him the player finds in other places, but the adult incarnation of Kuang is next to the Luminoc Architect on the Frostcovered Grounds plateau, the middle-aged version is in Archosaur harbor, and the elderly Kuang can be found at Silver Pool, making for a circular journey

Kuang is of course in Gate of Antiquity and the female shaman character Sissin is in Broken Bridge Village; with multiple trips between them, the player will probably will probably have found those teleports useful by the end of the quest if not before

Unlike other quests requiring going to a certain location, the waypoints activate even when flying at height 30 and below, so there is no need to drop to the ground to get the popup text parts of the quest.

Main: Coming of Age (including Void Water) > Young Traveller > Journey of Middle Age > Sigh of Old Age

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