City of the Plume
City of the Plume
Location Information
Type City
Level 1-19

Plume City concept art

City of the Plume is the home city of the Winged Elves.
City of the Plume War Avatar

War Avatar art

The unique characteristic of the City of the Plume is the gigantic tree planted in the middle of it.

The path from City of the Plume to Archosaur is the third easiest of the routes from the main cities to Archosaur. It is also third in distance from Archosaur, with Etherblade City and City of the Lost being closer

Trainers and NPCs such as the Perfect Questmaster and Lucidsilver Agent are closer to the Elder of Plume than they are in other major cities, while the Merchant, Banker, and tradeskill NPCs are spread out on Plume's far edges, at the edge of the giant tree's canopy.

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