City of Raging Tides
City of Raging Tides
Location Information
Type City
Level 1-19
Territory Barrier Island

City of Raging Tides is the home city of the Tideborn. It is a circular city located on the Barrier Island in the far south of Perfect World. One distinguishing feature of the City of Raging Tides is the king's throne room Cloud Temple floating high above the center of the city. Unlike the first three cities, whose borders were surrounded by level 1 monsters, City of Raging Tides had level 12 - 14 monsters wandering outside of its protective walls, much like the walls around Archosaur, because the Tideborn were the first to get a separate starting area: Dragonfang Village.

Giant Mushrooms dot the shoreline surrounding City of Raging Tides, and form forests on the island across the narrow northern passage between Barrier Island and Island of Broken Dreams, where the Tideborn Quests begin.

The walking route from City of Raging Tides to Archosaur was the most difficult of the paths from the main cities to Archosaur, until the release of the Genesis expansion, and the addition of the southern lands and Tellus City.

Early on in the development of the Tideborn expansion, the city was to be called the City of Surging Tides, as the Nightfire Messenger Luno reveals, in the uncorrected text of instructions to talk to the "Surging Tides Elder".

Raging Tides II

The city from the soutwest, in the morning light

Floating throne room Edit

Shrine of the Tides Edit

FB 19 for Tideborn. This is the only level 19 boss still given as a quest, Kill the Ocean Tusker, in Perfect World proper. However, whereas the three original races' FB19 bosses drop War Avatar Nuema, the Ocean Tusker is only used in this quest.

Barrier Island Edit

Shattered Cloud Island is to the west

Lake of Blood Edit

Galerider Plains Edit

Southern Outskirts Edit

Western Crossroads Edit

White Sand Beach Edit

Many quests are completed here, including Goshiki Quest Chain tasks (not only Coming of Age:Strength and Dexterity, but a later quest to help a NPC here as well) and Lochmur Quests. The Staunch Worms are used for leveling Venomancer Pets that fly.