Chiang's Ambition
Quest Information
Type Normal
Start Merchant Chiang
Tusk Town
Level 66, was lower
Location south of Hill of the Old King,
east of Tusk Town
Rewards Coins 10,771
Exp 63,360
Spirit 14,319
Reputation 0

Merchant Chiang 456 343 in northwest Tusk Town. Merchant, but he sells no goods. Kill 10 Gilded Princesses. It was at one time 60; like a lot of the Tusk Town quests, the text for Merchant Chiang has not been corrected, and he still asks for 60 to be killed. The spawn rate for the Princesses is very slow, but there are many to be found; the player may well find seven more before the three closest to town have respawned. With their long skirts and heavy swords, they resemble the Storm Mistress Mystic pet, and even more closely resemble. in both features and name, the lower level Aurum Bondswoman enemies that are much more numerous in the area, and the Titanial Bondmaids closer to Hill of the Old King

They respawn slowly, so there is little to compensate but tour the entire area, but the best place to find the most is on the hillside nearest to Tusk Town.

Because of the low respawn rate, it is more efficient than ever to combine these kills with those of another quest : Outcast, at level 64, leads to the Mysterywood Fruit quest, for which 10 Princess kills are required.

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