See Decompose, Crafting and Apothecary (for Charms made with Stones)

Chi is a non-regenerating power source for Genie skills and flier "sprint" speed, and an ingredient in the crafting of Charms or in Runecrafting and to repair shattered gear. Chi stones must be acquired and used on the genie to replenish its Chi. Genie energy to cast spells regenerates, and based on the Magic and Stamina stats.

Perfect Stones can additionally be used in Ring Engraving

3 stones of a lower level can be crafted into one of the next higher level at the Jewelcraftsman

Chi Stones up to level Five, Wuhsing, can be crafted into Charms at the Apothecary

Previously, dragging a stack of Chi stones onto a genie in Inventory, Bank or Account Stash would add Chi to it, consuming the stack of stones. To avoid potentially costly errors completely, Genies must now be equipped in order to add Chi to them, and dragging Chi Stones to the same slot as a Genie does what the player probably intended in the first place : move the Chi stack to the slot where the Genie was, and vice versa.

Odd-leveled stones will add half a point to flyers' sprint reserve; whether the flyer stores the half point is unknown, but even numbers of stones will add the correct amount. For example, a stack of 10 x level 7 (Chihsing) stones will add 35 to a flyer's Duration reserve (3.5 each).

With adequate preparation, obtaining Chi stones like level 5 Wuhsing Stone is relatively easy. There are three gigantic sources of level 4 Ssuhsiang Stones, all of them rewards from killing bosses. 748 Ssuhsiang, enough to make 249 Wuhsing with 1 Ssuhsiang left over.

  1. The Bow reward from killing Suzerix
  2. The Wand (not the belt) reward from killing Jewelscalen
  3. The Glaive or Sword (both yield the same chi) reward from killing Viriddis Stormhorn
! Stone Chi
1 Yiyuan Stone = x
1 Liangyi Stone = x
1 Santsai Stone = 160
1 Ssuhsiang Stone = 240
1 Wuhsing Stone = 320
1 Liuho Stone = 400
1 Chihsing Stone = 480
1 Pakua Stone = 560
1 Chiukung Stone = 640
1 Perfect Stone = 720

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