The entrance, southeast of Immolation Camp, surrounded by Chaos-strewn debris, is at 141 740. The exit door leads back to the Camp.

The Ancient Evil you awoke when you were just a little 50ish level, at one of those towers in the icefields of the Human lands? It is here. Which Evil it is depends on which tower you went to. And if you do not play your cards right, you could be stuck with an unfinished quest. That's Evil, right?

This is sort of like the Friendship quest, except you do not have to, nor are you allowed to, just wait around and spam in chat for a partner. You will only get one type of Orb as a drop. You need two. So you have to hand one off to another player, kill the boss again, and get a second Orb to trade to someone else, someone with two of the Other orb. Obviously you have to do this all before you talk to the Immolation Camp leader, or you will be unable to get a drop from the boss ever again.

Quest chain:

Cave of Sadistic Glee
The Arch Evil
The Debt
Mysterious Jar

Home of, among other things, Rogueknight Felons offered by the Divine Emissary of Void for levels 80-89, Little Lin, and the dig quest for Hex Fragments.

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