List of Level 40-49 Quests
Gigantic Wood Elementalist6

Gigantic Wood Elementalist in the NE

Intermediate Level area west of Etherblade City and north of Boundless Grasslands. Players doing Cultivation quests as soon as they are available will have come here at level 39, for the quest in which the character must die before they can see the Ghost Spirit in the north.

Suzerix, Adalwolf Elder War Avatar

Suzerix, Adawolf Elder War Avatar

Suzerix, Adalwolf Elder is here for The Believer quest. Players will already have seen a similar boss, again in the Cultivation line: Krixxix the Dark Adalwolf Lord; both are the same model and both are Water element, vulnerable to Earth magic.

The Gigantic Wood Elementalist is here in the northeast, along with the Senile Weezbloom Tree humanoids needed for one of the Swiftwind quests. It is neutral; it will only attack if it is attacked; the same cannot be said for the Weezblooms.

North of here are some of the Expert level areas of the frozen wastelands; its mountains can be seen on the horizon

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