Items that are bound cannot be lost in PK. Powerful items that are given free by NPCs are often Bound, to prevent them being farmed. Bound items are not stuck to a character slot, but are tied to the character and cannot be sold; thus, valuable storage space is taken up by them until they are Destroyed.

Destroying Bound Items Edit

In the many cases of Bound Level Gear weapons, there is a huge relative benefit to trading them to Assistant Wang Tsai for instantaneous removal, and a relatively inconsequential benefit of one Perfect Stone. Otherwise, Destroying is done at the PW Promotions Agent at its various locations, including between the Lucidsilver Agent and Lucidgold Envoy. The Promotions Agent exchanges the player's item named, eg, "X" for a token named, Destroying [X]. The token will last three days (72 hours) with a countdown timer on it until it elapses, whereupon the token disappears. Choosing Cancel Item Destruction at the same NPC will return the item and remove the token.