New characters cannot leave Celestial Vale until they are level 20
Consequently, all quests that were restricted to characters under
level 20 have had their level and target monsters'
level increased or are no longer operative

These are the quests for Earthguard race players between levels 1 and 19. Coordinates are listed for each quest, which can be copied and pasted into the Coordinates Assistant in order to easily find the appropriate NPC.


Quest Rewards: Celestones given as quest rewards are often random (Human, Heaven, Earth, or Fragment). Sometimes, a celestone may not be given to one person, yet given to another for the same quest. Celestones have been listed in the reward column as an idea of the average reward.

Quest Level: Quests with a level # ? have a disputed level depending on the information source. These quest levels need to be verified.

Quest Type: Normal quests are the most common type of quest and involve killing different monsters and talking to NPCs. Messenger normal quests just involve talking to NPCs, while Collection normal quests involve finding items in the world. Timed quests may involve killing monsters or may just require you to collect something within the time limit. Culti quests are those required to increase your Cultivation level. Challenge quests are important quests that often involve killing a boss monster and usually require forming a squad with other players.

At Level 20, you will be able to go to Tellus City to continue your quests; choose Quest > Perfect World at a Teleport Master or choose Glorious Return at Sekron Shien, Coldgrin Stone, Lerne Feyan, Lok Eosin, Wu Izen, Colormask, Senior Scribe, Shawle, Heartmark, Celestial Immortal, Fearen or Len Zweito get there.

The teleport at 20 used to be to Archosaur, from the home city.

Level 1 – 5 Edit

Quest Level Type Starter Location Reward
The Birth of a New Age 1 Watcher of the Earth (143, 230) One Genie
Gift From Above 1 Instructor Yeeg (Seeker)
Instructor Sooh (Mystic)
(142, 246) Supply Stash (good equipment every 5 levels; occupies one inventory slot)[1]
Curious Potion 9 Ancestral Guardian Shawn Shrine of the Ancestors (232, 230) next > Strange Trip
Strange Trip 9 Collect 10 Weird Drug (Forest Chimeis, uncommon and well-hidden mob near Shrine of the Ancestors)[2] Coin: 1551, Exp: 2585, Spirit: 590, Rep: 2
Counter-Agent 10 parent quest to Just a Whiff Ancestral Guardian Shawn Shrine of the Ancestors (232, 230) Coin: 264, Exp: 440, Spirit: 101, Rep: 2
Just a Whiff 10 (Parent quest: Counter-Agent. Next: First Strike) Collect 10 Stink Glands (Bluetail Lemurs north of Shrine)[3] Spirit Watcher Lynn Shrine of the Ancestors (233, 230) Coin: 1800, Exp: 3000, Spirit: 684, Rep: 2
Twice Fly 11 Dragonflies fly out of melee range and are resistant to magic; attack the ones closest to the ground Forest Chimei Rebel Starry Wilds 223, 277
Learn Punishing Sting 11
The Rebel 11
A Step Too Far 11
Master of Ants 11
Opening Worlds 12
The Lost Expedition 12 Expedition Survivor Valley of the Ants 248, 268
First Aid 12 Two Staunching Herbs plants a few steps NE of Expedition Survivor at 250, 270
Light in the Dark

Light In the Dark 1. Collect 1 Signal Light (Uncommon quest drop from Purplefin Pomfrets) This drop will go into your regular inventory, not the quest inventory. 2. Use the Signal Light on the Light Altar (220, 200) on the top of the island South of Shrine of the Ancestors, West of Loch Nocturne. -Kill 1 Spiritual Lord ( 2628 HP, Metal)

Links Edit

  1. Supply Stash-forums
  2. Forest Chimei location PWI database
  3. Bluetail Lemurs' location PWI database

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