Be a Helpful One
Quest Information
Type normal
Start Banker Hsin
556 636
End Guard Ling
322 420
Level 35-45
Location South Archosaur and South City of the Plume

Subquests: Argenweave Mantis, Half White Feather

Of above-average importance, because it is the start of a series of quests involving the same two NPCs: Banker Hsin of South Archosaur and Guard Ling of City of the Plume


The target is Argenweave Mantis, which means this quest can overlap efficiently with the Sweep portion of God's Tear from the Forgotten Elder (via Wen Tzu), just as Too High, Too Cold can overlap with the Kill Backstabbing Scorpions portion of Sweep, and the Ant Soldiers portion of Shahua's Test can overlap with Another Favor from Hsu Hsiako in the Valley of the Hidden Orchid.

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