Level 36-41, see List of Level 30-39 Quests

The Airgear Dealer quest from Wen Tzu at 534 645 is currently a prerequisite for Another Favor, and an introduction to the Li NPC.

The target is Ant Soldiers, which means this quest can overlap efficiently with the Shahua's Test portion of God's Tear from the Forgotten Elder (via Wen Tzu), just as Too High, Too Cold can overlap with the Kill Backstabbing Scorpions portion of Sweep, and the Argenweave Mantis portion of Sweep can overlap with Be a Helpful One from Banker Hsin in South Archosaur.

Three Visits quest from Aerocraft Dealer Li used to be required to start this quest-this was not shown in the database. Three Visits can be completed at any time, but Another Favor is only from level 34-60.

Airgear Dealer is a 30+ quest-it can be gotten at any level over 29.

The Scarlet Diplopods used to be a target of this quest, but now are needed for no quests, and none of the creatures at this level that used to be aggressive will attack unless attacked.

Diplopods are a red version of the common centipede-type enemies that used to drop Honey Juice and Purified Oil. They were the only aggressive enemies in their own little area; the Backstabbing Scorpions (for the Too High Too Cold quest) and Argenweave Mantises (for Chuko JR.'s Test) were all to the north and west

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