Inherent Skill:

Town Portal. Can be used to travel fairly large distances, such as when doing the Jolly Old Jones quest to get to the Lake next to Sirry Wine Camp, or doing the Daily Quest Delicious Soup, to get to the Camp itself.

Teleport Incense is an inventory item with a much much faster cooldown, and as it is an item and not a spell, it is not cast, and therefore can be used while mounted.

Meditate, Run/Walk, Assist Attack, Normal (Attack), Pick Up, Pick Up All, Embrace

Embraced pairs in Realm of Reflection can fall all the way to the bottom of the instance. There is a teleporter down there to get out...somewhere

Squad: Invite To (Squad), Quit Team

Quit Team can also be accessed by right clicking on your face icon

Trade: Trade (between two characters), Consignment (Catshop/ Player Shop)

Actions Edit

(Emotes) : Quests will occasionally ask for an action, like the Dance near the end of Celestial Vale and the Victory at the end of Delicious Soup Daily Quest

Wave, Nod, Headshake, Shrug, Laugh Out (Loud), Angry, Faint, Sad, Kiss, Salute, Shy, Sit Down, Charge, Think, Provoke, Victory, Stretch, Combat, Attacks 1-4, Defend, Fall Over, Fall Down, Look, Dance, and Fashion

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