A Talking Frog
Quest Information
Type normal
Start Elder
Town of the Lost
Rewards Sticky Coin (88,888 coins)

Down the path through the small ravine east of the Town of the Lost, this stylish frog with a large gold coin in its mouth beseeches the player to remove the cruel curse upon it (after the quest A Talking Frog is received from the town Elder). But as with all magic, perhaps not all is as it seems. Spoiler, below, is written in white type. Highlight the invisible text to see it (left-click and then drag over the text). The gameplay that follows is very rare in Perfect World, perhaps unique.

Character Frog

The frog entreats the player to kiss it, ostensibly to remove the curse. In actual fact, this curses the player with frog form. No skills can be used, and the curse will last either an hour, or can be removed by jumping in the pool north of the Town of the Lost. The frog form gives run speed of about 10 meters per second-about as fast as a reasonably fast ground mount. The form can be acquired repeatedly, if the timer is allowed to run out. Teleporting into the Cube of Fate, and possibly other types of teleport, will remove the form but not the timer-the quest can of course be Trashed to remove the timer.

The player can use potions, dig for items, run, attack with normal melee attacks, but not use any skills. As unusual as this is, the real bizarre occurrence is that this satisfies the conditions for The Blood of Wraith quest from Elder Huo, success at which is normally triggered by doing a set amount of damage to a monster in Wraithgate.

There is foreshadowing enough player should beware of attempting to complete the nearby quest with the Grave Robber while the effects of this quest are active;

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