Required: The Rebel

"Negotiate with the Forest Chimei Rebel to get as much information about their plans."

Hint: Do this quest alongside Once Bitten, where killing the Smilodons first will allow the Rebels to be killed without the Smilodons joining in. The pets are loyal to their owners, but the owners not loyal to their pets. When both parts are finished, the reward is: Gold- 1,806. XP- 3010. Spirit- 687. Reputation: 2

  • Subquest: First Strike : "Obtain 10 Sharp Fangs from Primal Smilodons at the Lizard Tribe"
  • Subquest: Twice Fly : Collect 10 Dragonfly Wings from the White Dragonflies in Starry Wilds.

Next quest: Master of Ants

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