"Your heart quickens as you see a shadow darting out of the corner of your eye. A familiar sensation washes over you, like you know who the shadow belongs to, but it is only a distant memory. Perhaps Joyce in Galeroar Town can help you pierce the fog of your mind.

This quest is started automatically as the player enters Tellus City, and the player gets the quest in their list. It used to be given when the player passed by coordinates 422, 219, and there was the pop up text above, it was given even if the list is full-this may have changed- and the coordinates of Joyce, at 422 219 , are given with the quest listing.

Speaking to Joyce completes A Fleeting Shadow, and Clear the Fog and Preparations are added to the Find Quest tab. Once the character speaks to Joyce about these quests, she gives tabs that do not stack in inventory, that must be turned in to her to be got rid of, that activate quest lines with NPCs in the area near by her

Since changes, this quest line is more in the region of level 60 than 40. Adjust strategies accordingly. It is also started automatically in Tellus City

The player should take care to finish these quests before level 40, as they can not be started after that level, leaving the tabs stuck in inventory. Some of the creatures in these quests can be quite difficult to kill.

Gon Moe has been moved, and his Survival quest is no longer at all dangerous

The Survival quest from Gon Moe, in particular, towards the end of the Protection Trial Tag line, will require non-healing characters, doing the quest line at the minimum level, to have the maximum of healing potions and apothecary powders to survive, and to concentrate on that to the exclusion of other actions, such as killing the enemies-they just respawn anyway. Also note that anyone in the area of Gon Moe when this quest is activated will be attacked by the bandits as well, and can be killed, so be considerate if you are the quest activator, or wary if you are the innocent bystander.

  • Gold: 1.950
  • XP: 3250
  • Spirit: 741
  • Reputation: 0

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